Alligators for Sale

Alligators for Sale

These extinct reptiles are amazing displays of resilience. Our available crocodilians, which include alligators, dwarf caimans, and crocodiles, are listed in the menu below. We guarantee that every crocodilian you purchase from us will arrive healthy and in perfect shape. For your alligators, caimans, and crocodiles, we also provide alligator food pellets.

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We offer some magnificent American alligators that have been raised in captivity for sale at the most affordable costs. These amazing reptiles, also known as “gators,” are truly amazing. Males can grow as long as 14 feet, while females often reach a maximum of 10 feet. These reptiles have a very primitive appearance, and it is really interesting to watch them attack prey with a furious rage. To ensure that alligators are permitted in your state, please refer to the list further down this page. We won’t transport alligators to the states listed below.

Additionally, we sell alligator feeding pellets (see below). Our 100% live arrival guarantee is given immediately when you purchase an alligator from us. For your gator, don’t forget to purchase some of our alligator food.

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