Blue Iguana for sale




Blue Iguana for sale

Blue Axanthic Iguana for sale – baby blue iguanas for sale are among the most colorful and popular pet reptiles for sale.   Here at CB Reptile, we work with some of the nicest, and most colorful blue iguana for sale anywhere.  Our baby blue iguanas for sale are handled EARLY and OFTEN to ensure they end up making great pet blue iguanas!  When looking for a new pet blue iguana, consider the blue iguana breeder! Not all blue iguana breeders are the same so please choose wisely!  CB Reptile promises you some of the absolute best blue iguanas anywhere!

Blue Iguanas love to bask in the sun or under ultraviolet light, and they enjoy a diet of leafy greens and vegetables.

baby blue iguanas get large

Many people don’t realize that iguanas can grow to be quite large, exceeding 6 ft (1.8 m) in length. Iguanas should be properly socialized when they are young to ensure that they can be handled as adults. They require specialized housing and regular veterinary care and may not be a suitable pet for everyone. With the proper handling a blue iguana for sale can become an awesome pet reptile!

Baby Blue Iguana Habitat

A large and tall cage that is at least 4′ x 2′ x 3′. Keep in mind that a bigger setup is always better to go with the largest cage possible.  Also, use sturdy branches, ledges, ramps, and perches because your new iguana loves to climb. Most important, you must provide a hide area.  For hide areas, you can use a cave, make a fake cave, use a wooden box, etc.

Blue Iguana for sale – Iguana Lighting & Heating

UVB fluorescent bulbs are best for your new baby blue iguana for sale.  We recommend T5 high output UVB 10% lamps by Reptisun.  Long T5 bulbs that can cover large areas with light work well and better than screw-in or mercury vapor lamps. A basking area is needed.  Provide your pet iguana a basking light or heat emitter to maintain a habitat temperature around 85* F.  Be sure to use reliable thermostats to monitor the temperature of your iguana habitat.

baby Blue Iguana for sale – Substrate

Substrate for the bottom of the cage. Eco-earth, reptile carpet, newspapers, and paper towels can all be adequate substrates. Provide a clean food bowl and a couple of clean water bowls for your new baby blue iguanas. The bowls should be heavy or able to be attached to something to prevent spilling and cleaned at least every other day.  Adding a water tub and/or spray bottle for adding humidity to your iguana’s habitat helps your new iguana shed properly.

Pet Blue Iguana for sale Food & Supplements

Feed Greens and vegetables for the primary diet of your pet iguana. Some of these are collard greens, mustard greens & dandelion greens, turnip greens, kale, shredded carrots, peas, green beans, bell peppers, and squash.  Feed fruits like strawberries, blueberries, bananas, apples, and cantaloupe to add variety to your pet’s diet.  Also, commercial blue iguana food that can be mixed with greens and vegetables.  Always use calcium & vitamin D3 supplements like reprisal. A reptile multivitamin supplement ism key,  We recommend Vionate.  Using the right supplements is key to raising your new baby blue iguana for sale into a healthy adult pet iguana!

Blue Iguana for sale


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