Chinese Box Turtle for sale



Chinese Box Turtle for sale

We have some fantastic captive bred super colorful Chinese box turtles for sale.  The Chinese Box turtle for sale is one of the most sought after box turtles for sale online in the United States and abroad and is also known for being one of the more colorful species of box turtle for sale in the world.   Average size is 4.5-5.5″”.  Chinese Box turtles  can live up to 80 years when properly cared for.  We currently have Chinese box turtle hatchings for sale, well started chinese box turtles for sale (recommended over the more fragile hatchlings) and cute and plump 1 year old chinese box turtle for sale in stock as well as young adult chinese box turtles for sale.

In captivity they enjoy an easy diet of berries, apples, worms, dubia roaches, meal worms, super worms, spring mix, dandelion greens, papaya, strawberry, apple, and Mazuri tortoise chow, dusted with calcium twice per week.  They are easy to care for and can make fantastic companion box turtles for sale.

Our Chinese Box Turtles for sale come from top quality adult chinese box turtle breed stock and exemplify the species standard in both color, and temperament.   Chinese Box turtles for sale are fairly EASY in terms of care level, and make great additions to any turtle collection especially once they are at least 4 months old which is why we always recommend the well started or yearling baby chinese box turtles for sale over the fresh hatchling chinese box turtles for sale online.

With a Biologist ON SITE, all of our chinese box turtles for sale online come with our live arrival and full 7 day health guarantee.  If you purchase a complete turtle setup kit from our shop, your turtle will automatically come with a 30 day health guarantee.  Our Chinese box turtles for sale are ready to ship to your door via FedEx in heated or cooled containers and will arrive the morning after shipment.  Typically they leave here around 7pm and are on your doorstep the next morning between 8-10am.

Chinese Box Turtle for sale

Looking for a baby Chinese box turtle for sale?

Chinese box turtles are thought of as perhaps the “crown jewel” of all box turtle species.  Because of their rarity, Chinese box turtles are one of the most expensive box turtles sold in the USA.  Keeping a Chinese box turtle is quite simple, some people raise their babies completely aquatic with just a couple of basking / dry dock options.  Others keep them in a 50/50 terrestrial to water habitat.  Lastly, some keep them completely on land.

We’ve got Chinese box turtle hatchlings for sale, as well as adult Chinese box turtles for sale.

Keep in mind that keeping them totally dry is not best for the Chinese box turtle for sale.  For proper shell growth, the turtle should have access to soak in water when he/she pleases.  In addition without proper dry dock and basking options, the baby Chinese box turtle will endure shell rot.   For these reasons, it is recommended that you set up a proper Chinese box turtle habitat for your new shelled friend.

Other names for the Chinese box turtle

Sometimes Chinese box turtles are also referred to as snake eating turtles”.  They also can be called yellow Marginated box turtles, or even Golden-headed box turtles.  Chinese Boxes are native to the subtropical and temperate areas of Taiwan, China and even Japan.  Like other box turtle species, the Chinese box has a unique hinge on their plastron that allows box turtles to withdraw their arms, legs, and head fully into their shells and seal up like a box.   These turtles can remain n this “closed” position for hours.  Chinese box turtles may reach shell sizes of 5-12 inches long.

Chines box turtle for sale – Chinese box turtle habitat and Enclosure 

Like with most species of turtles, when considering a habitat, the larger the enclosure is the better enclosure!  Chinese box turtle hatchlings and small juveniles can be kept in glass 20-gallon aquariums but will outgrow them and will spend a significant amount of time trying to “walk through” the glass.  Aquariums for adult box turtles must be large not only to offer the appropriate space needed for daily exercise.  Consider that they need enrichment via foraging behaviors but also to allow for better air circulation.  Using anything from 40-55-gallon aquariums or larger will be suitable for adults.

Many other species of box turtles are available here at CB!

Shop all box turtles for sale, including captive-bred Eastern box turtle, captive-bred Ornate box turtles online, captive-bred Florida box turtle for sale as well as captive-bred Chinese box turtles for sale.  There are quite a few popular species of box turtle for sale in the USA.  At CB Reptile 100% of our baby box turtles for sale are captive-bred.  Proudly, we offer the largest selection of captive-bred turtles for sale online anywhere in the USA.  If you are looking for an Eastern box turtle, Florida box turtle, Chinese box turtle we’ve got ya covered.  Also, we have a selection of 3 toed box turtle and the ornate box turtle.  Water turtles are also available by clicking our water turtles for sale link.

Chinese Box Turtle for sale


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