Florida Box Turtle for sale




Florida Box Turtle for sale

We have some fantastic captive bred super colorful florida box turtles for sale.  The Florida Box turtle for sale is one of the most popular box turtles for sale online in the United States and is also known for being one of the more colorful species of box turtle for sale in the world.   Average size is 5.5-6″”.  Florida Box turtles  can live up to 80 years when properly cared for.  We currently have florida box turtle hatchings for sale, well started florida box turtles for sale (recommended over the more fragile hatchlings) and cute and plump 1 year old florida box turtle for sale in stock as well as young adult florida box turtles for sale.

In captivity they enjoy an easy diet of berries, apples, worms, dubia roaches, meal worms, super worms, spring mix, dandelion greens, papaya, strawberry, apple, and Mazuri tortoise chow, dusted with calcium twice per week.  They are easy to care for and can make fantastic companion box turtles for sale.

Our Florida Box Turtles for sale come from top quality adult florida box turtle breed stock and exemplify the species standard in both color, and temperament.   Florida Box turtles for sale are fairly EASY in terms of care level, and make great additions to any turtle collection especially once they are at least 4 months old which is why we always recommend the well started or yearling baby florida box turtles for sale over the fresh hatchling florida box turtles for sale online.

With a Biologist ON SITE, all of our florida box turtles for sale online come with our live arrival and full 7 day health guarantee.  If you purchase a complete turtle setup kit from our shop, your turtle will automatically come with a 30 day health guarantee.  Our florida box turtles for sale are ready to ship to your door via FedEx in heated or cooled containers and will arrive the morning after shipment.  Typically they leave here around 7pm and are on your doorstep the next morning between 8-10am.

Florida Box Turtle for sale

Looking for a baby Florida box turtle for sale?  We’ve got Florida box turtle hatchlings for sale, as well as adult Florida box turtles for sale.

Florida Box Turtle for sale – Natural Habitat Distribution

Florida box turtles are found mainly in Florida and the Florida keys.  FBT Can be found as north as Georgia.  Keeping a Florida box turtle that is captive bred is legal in most states besides Florida.

Florida Box Turtle Habitat

You can find the Florida box turtle in marshes, swamps, freshwater lakes, streams and rivers.  In the wild, FBT are able to live in a diverse habitat with some being more aquatic than others. While most species of box turtle hibernate, the Florida box turtle for sale does not.  They do slow down a bit in winter however they do not hibernate.

Florida box turtle colors and Body

Florida box turtles have highly domed shells that are 4-6″ in length.  Males have a concave plastron, where females are convex, to hold eggs.

The Florida box turtle is similar in color to the Western Ornate turtle but has thinner and more numerous yellow markings. The background of the shell is black. It has thick yellow stripes on each side of its head. The back of its shell flares out slightly.

The Florida box turtle has very sharp claws and is a good climber. They normally have four toes on their back feet.

Sexing a Florida Box Turtle

A male Florida box turtle for sale usually has bright red or orange eyes and a concave plastron. The male’s tail is usually longer and thicker than the females. The male also has a hooked claw on its back feet.  Females have darker red or brownish eyes. The female’s plastron is much flatter than males in order to carry eggs when gravid.

What does a Florida Box Turtle Eat?

The Florida box turtle for sale eats a large variety of insects such as crickets, flies, slugs, earthworms, beetles, and even spiders. Insects make up about half of the box turtles diet.  Floridas in the wild also are known to eat berries, moss, and mushrooms.

How old can a Florida Box Turtle get?

The Lifespan of a well cared for Florida box turtle in captivity is at least 50 years.  In the wild it is believed average Florida box turtles lifespan is 30-40 years of age.

Housing a Florida Box Turtle

A Florida box turtle can be kept in an outdoor or indoor enclosure. Outside is best becomes it usually gives the turtle more room to roam and a more stimulating environment. Box turtle habitats should receive some direct sunlight but also have plenty of plants for shade and hiding areas. High humidity is required for Florida’s unlike some other box turtles so you’ll need to spray once a day during the warmest months or use a misting system.

Because the Florida box turtle has extremely sharp claws it is an excellent climber. You need to remember this when you build its enclosure and be sure the sides are not made of some type of fencing that will be easy for your turtle to climb . Because turtles are expert diggers your enclosure needs to go under the ground 10 to 12 inches using bricks or some sort of fencing. Florida box turtles spend a lot of time in the water.  For this reason a soaking sized water fish or tub is recommended.

Feeding a Florida Box Turtle

Florida turtles eat many types of live food including snails, earthworms, wax worms, beetles and even baby mice. They will also eat berries, dark leafy vegetables, mushrooms, and cantaloupe a few times a week

Florida Box Turtle for sale


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