Monkey Tailed Skink for sale




Monkey Tailed Skink for sale

Monkey tailed skinks for sale are some of the coolest pet reptiles on earth!  Solomon Island prehensile-tailed skink is a highly coveted reptile that has become quite scarce in captivity.  Nevertheless, the species has been commonly bred in captivity – it just takes a lot of patience, with very small amounts of babies born.  Monkey tailed skinks for sale are social creatures!  We have some amazing babiy, juveniles and young adult monkey tailed skink available.

Prehensile tailed skink for sale

Prehensile tailed skinks social behavior makes keeping these in groups very rewarding.  In nature, though these animals can be defensive in captivity, they become very familiar with their caretakers.  Monkey Tailed skinks for sale are easy to handle and like to climb on you, once they’re comfortable with their owners.  Overall these animals make for one of the most interesting pet skinks.

Monkey tailed skink

Solomon Island Prehensile Tailed Skink also knowns as the monkey tailed skink, is known for being the world’s largest species of skink. Did you know that a baby Monkey tailed skink for sale can grow up to 33″ in length? Also, they are fantastic climbers! Prehensile tailed skink for sale are some of the most unique of all species of pet skinks for sale. Unlike their ground-dwelling cousins, the Blue tongue skink and the red eyed crocodile skink, these guys are all over the place with their climbing! Within the species there are subspecies just like the Blue Tongue Skink for sale and red eyed crocodile skink including the Northern that has black colored eyes.

Monkey Tail skink

There are also localities among the subspecies that dictate unique patterns and colors. These range from forest green to burnt orange in color) that being said, many will look quite similar. All locales of monkey tailed skinks for sale are distributed through well-forested areas and are used to a tropical climate. This is important when considering how to setup a baby Monkey tailed skink for sale habitat.

Monkey Tailed Skink for sale


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