Tiger Crested gecko for sale




Tiger Crested gecko for sale

Tiger:These geckos are similar to Bi Colors. They can have a variety of base coloring, but will always have a bold striped/brindle look to them. They come in a variety of colors and whatever is on hand at the moment is what will be sent. The photos are just examples and not the animal that will be received.

Possibly the best pet lizard in the world due to their friendly nature and being maybe the most easily handleable gecko for sale of all pet geckos for sale, the crested gecko is as friendly and easy to care for as it gets.  Cresties, like gargoyle geckos primarily eat a powdered food mixed with water.  We feed Pangea Gecko diet to both our crested geckos for sale as well as our gargoyle geckos for sale.  Beings they do not “need” insects to eat, crested geckos do not require you to purchase insects weekly.  Crested Geckos are found in a wide variety of colors also known as crested gecko color morphs.

We have some gorgeous tiger crested geckos for sale (tiger gecko for sale) and some fantastic prices for this quality of animal.  Our pairing of our Tiger girls and Tiger males have been producing some outstandingly vibrant Tiger Crested Geckos.

Crested geckos, also known as eyelash geckos, were thought to be extinct until 1994, when several relatively large, thriving populations were found on the islands of New Caledonia.

When considering any crested gecko for sale, be sure to only purchase captive bred baby crested geckos for sale from an experienced crested gecko breeder.

At CBReptile.com all of our reptiles for sale, including our geckos for sale are captive bred and NOT wild caught.  We have a Biologist ON SITE and offer a Live arrival and FULL 7 day health guarantee on ALL Of our animals.  Our guarantee extends to 30 days for all customers who purchase full habitat kits.  All of our orders ship via FedEx Overnight in heated or cooled, insulated containers (when needed) and leave our facility at 6:45PM and are on your doorstep the following morning before noon. One Shipping charge of $39.95 covers up to 5 reptiles for sale.

All photos are for reference and are not of the animal you will be receiving. We go by age, not size, as each animal grows at its own rate. Hatchlings are 1-3 months, juveniles are 3.5-6 months, young adults are 6+ months. Our biologist will send an animal from whatever end of that age range we have available at that time. We do our best to sex the reptiles we sell, however, we cannot guarantee sex for anything that is purchased other than adults.  We are accurate on most juveniles and hatchlings, but we do make mistakes as some animals do not show their sex as early as others, depending on many factors.


Crested Geckos require low levels of UVB lighting if you do not feed a food with vitamin D, like Pangea or repashe.  If you want to use UVB, use it for for 10 hours of the day, this should be between 2-7% UVB and 10-30%UVA, and example bulbs would be an arcadia 5% euro range bulb or a 7% ARC-POD. A low wattage heat bulb (40-50w) in either moonlight blue or infrared is the best heating option as it will raise the ambient air temperature in the enclosure to within the preferred range.  Find Crested Gecko Lighting here.


Crested geckos will survive being kept at room temperature in captivity but this is not optimal and it tends to slow down their growth rates and affect their digestion. The optimum temperature range is between 22-27C, we prefer to keep ours at around 25-26C. It is important to note that if the temperature exceeds 28C crested geckos do not fare well and prolonged temperatures above 30C will prove fatal.


On a day to day basis we change the water in crested gecko enclosures so that it is fresh, and using a mister we will give a light spray of water around the enclosure either once or twice per day, we also spot clean any visible waste such as poo’s or uneaten food and provide with fresh food.


Crested geckos are omnivorous meaning they will eat a variety of different things. In the wild they would eat insects, nectar and rotting fruit. Therefore we need to cater for their dietary requirements as best we can in captivity. We feed both live insects and REPASHY crested gecko diet (which is a powdered diet you make up using water, this replaces the fruit and nectar that they would eat in the wild). We tend to use crickets as a feeder insect as they are active at the same time as the geckos.


The feeding routine we use is on day 1 we put live food in, on day 2 we put artificial diet in, on day 3 we leave the artificial diet in but don’t add any more food. By day 4 we remove the artificial diet and add live food (therefore repeating the process every three days). As far as quantities go we recommend adding about 15-20 crickets every three days per gecko and a tablespoon of artificial diet every three days per crested gecko. If you find your crested gecko isn’t eating as many insects and the number in the enclosure is gradually increasing adjust the amount you’re adding by reducing it a bit. Do make sure that there are enough insects for your gecko to be able to find them; at any given time if you can’t visually count at least 10 insects chances are your gecko/s are struggling to find them.


We recommend supplementing every insect feed by dusting the insects in Nutrobal (calcium and multivitamin supplement), you do not need to add any additional supplementation to the Repashy artificial diet. If you are using T5 High output UVB lighting, use calcium dust or another similar calcium supplement without vitamin d3 in it.

Tiger Crested gecko for sale


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