Hognose Snakes for sale

Hognose Snakes for sale

Hognose Snakes are one of the most sought after pet snakes around! From the American Southwest and into Mexico, Hognose Snakes are one of the cutest little snakes. They have a slightly upturned snout they use for burrowing and hunting in the sand and dirt.

Hognose snakes are very simple and easy to maintain, and do not get large by any standard. You can keep an adult male in a 20 gallon long with aspen, or similar substrate. We make it extra deep as they like to make little tunnels and hide underneath the aspen. We give our Hognose a heat gradient of about 80-82 on the cool side, and about 88-90f on the warm side for digestion.

Always maintain fresh , accessible water in their enclosure. A few logs/sticks, and or rocks along the bottom of the cage will help with pooping as they crawl over it, as well as with something for them to help the hognose snake shed its skin.

We feed out hognose once a week a mouse as thick as the thickest part of its body, just large enough to show a small lump. Once you fed your hognose multiple times and don’t see a small lump, you can move to the next size up mouse for feeding.

They are all feeding on UNSCENTED pinkie mice. The Hognose Snakes we offer are ready to go and have fed a minimum of 5 times before being offered for sale.

Hognose snakes make outstanding pets, are easy to care for, and extremely cute and popular!

These are amazing snakes that come in dozens of colors! Its addictive, and very hard to just get only one!

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